Pony Club Testing

A great deal of practical and theoretical learning takes place during rallies, on outings and at events. The Pony Club reinforces the acquisition of knowledge , understanding and the mastery of skills through our achievement badge and efficiency test programmes. The achievement badge programme offers members a fun , structured way to learn in a safe, enjoyable environment. Members are awarded embroidered picture badges on various aspects of horsemanship , riding or life skills, which may be sewn onto their Pony Club golf shirts or jackets. Achievement badges are an excellent way of assisting members who are in the process of preparing for their efficiency testing, as well as rewarding the efforts of those who are still expanding their knowledge and profiency in various areas.
Pony Club encourages members to improve their riding ability whilst learning more about horses and their care, through the efficiency test programme. The internationally standardised series of tests begin at the basic E test , and move up to the A test, which would equip a candidate to work in the equine industry.
The tests are designed to emphasise the hands-on ability to perform tasks , backed up by sound theoretical knowledge. Ideally tests are taken at two year intervals in order to develop competency in both the riding and horse & pony care components. Testing is conducted in groups, and is both practical and oral.

Efficiency Tests Achievement Badges Progressive Tests
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